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My Year in Review

Aynex Rocks 2014

This year my Year in Review is a little different than I do every year on this blog. I also ran out of time to send New Year's Cards like I sometimes do so, why not combine the two? And since I'm a web designer, why not make it a web page? Here it is: Aynex.Rocks/2014 See what ...


Are you ready for some sportsball?!?!


This is the first and probably the last sports-related post in this blog. I want to make clear I'm not in the slightest interested in any kind of sport and don't know anything about what's involved in winning or losing a game. The reason why people are so obsessed about sports escapes me. But I ...

Who left the socks on the floor?


Twas the night before Christmas Eve. I was at my sister's house. My Mom had spend all day cleaning the house for Christmas. We were having a nice conversation when all of a sudden she saw two pairs of socks on the floor and became a mad woman. QUIEN DEJO ESTAS MEDIAS EN EL PISO?? Tarina, ...

This blog, from now on….

Keep Calm and Blog on

I have been away from this blog for awhile and that is because things in my life have changed (in a positive way) and I have been pondering about the purpose of this blog. Should I keep updating it? Is anyone reading it? Is it a waste of my time? Do people read blogs anymore? First ...

New web design: Blue Ladies

ASJ Alumni Association

A while ago, I designed this site and forgot to blog about it. My high school alumni association was in need of a website. I offered to do it and was born. My high school years at Academia San Jose in Puerto Rico were one of the best years of my life. I was happy ...